My Story

The accidental birder

Unknowingly, I became a birder. Several springs ago I put a natural wreath on our front door. One day I opened the door and was startled by a bird.  A bird had decided to make her nest in my wreath and the motion of the door frightened her. I watched her fly to a nearby tree and she kept her eyes on me. Without touching her nest I took a peek but it was empty and still being assembled.

Up to that point I never gave birds a second thought. But now, this little bird would change my routine. We tried to avoid the front door. IF we had to use it, we did a slight tap so not to startle Mama. Each week we monitored the nest until the eggs appeared. It was amazing!

With a house full of boys and animals, life is chaotic. But among the chaos is our common bond with the environment. Our oldest volunteers with a wolf conservatory and does educational outreach. The youngest is in a VoAg program where he is pursuing studies in Environmental Science.  The middle son just loves being outside and would adopt every stray animal if we had the room.