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Birdhouse Crafts

The reason birds can fly and we can't is simply because they have perfect faith, for to have faith is to have wings.

J.M. Barrie, The Little White Bird Tweet

With the cold weather, birdhouse crafts make ideal projects for your kids. Relatively inexpensive birdhouse crafts make excellent recreational activities for young and the not-so-young. They can also make the feathered visitors their best friends and instill the love towards nature in young minds. The activity can also give them the feeling of self-actualization and a sense of fulfillment. You can always buy a pre-built and decorated birdhouse, but it won’t give your children the thrill of creating something.

If you do a little research, you can find many creative templates or designs to work with. Raw materials can be found even in the form of thick paper or chocolate boxes, though they make only decorative birdhouses. Birdhouses made of weather-resistant materials like wood can be mounted outdoors to lure the birds. Creating one with easily available raw materials or ready-made birdhouse kits can add to the beautification of interiors or exteriors. While birdhouse kits come in pre-designed patterns, building one with cardboard or paper offers more creativity to design, build and paint in any form.

Birdhouse crafts surely make a useful activity for kids and preteens. However, it is not limited to children; elders, too, can try a hand at bird house crafts. Children usually need help when cutting craft materials or when hanging the finished birdhouse. Different birds like specific dimensions for entrance and interiors. It is astonishingly difficult to lure most bird species into man-made structures. Even the colors you paint your house will affect its habitability. Most birds generally prefer natural muted hues, although purple martins are attracted to white. As long as the interiors remain free from chemicals and are placed in the right habitat, odds are good that sooner or later some bird species will dwell in them. Providing a draining system and adequate in-house ventilation is also essential for the healthy stay of the birds. For functional birdhouses, wood is the first choice of building material; cedar and cypress have the most durability and birds of all kinds like it.

Birdhouse crafts also make great gifts ideas. Every bird lover will love to get one. If you present a birdhouse kit, take no offense if your friend puts it in the backyard; it’s the place where it ought to be.

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