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Birdhouse Design with Pre-Built Kits

Bird lovers are always thinking of how to create the perfect backyard sanctuary with the proper birdhouse. Yet at times these little homes can prove dauntingly expensive, particularly for the nicer models.  For this reason, there has been an upsurge of birdhouse kits available on the market.

Birdhouse kits are as varied in size, shape, and design as human homes, which they tend to take their design cues from. The fact is that these homes are purely along a human ergonomic model, save for the small entrance holes in the front. For this reason, the types of houses that can be made are widely varied.

With the general rules, you need to consider things that will affect the kit you need.  All of the factors play a part as well such as placement, portability, bird types, and also feeds. The design of your birdhouse can differ with the specific needs of the bird you are trying to attract. A traditional and versatile bird box that can be placed in any garden, like the Classic Nesting Box. This style is perfect for Sparrows and Blue Tit.  Birdhouse designs are always geared to exact types of birds.

Some of the designs of birdhouse kits include the lowly shanty, cottages, castles (often including windows in the towers which double as entrances), churches, cathedrals, mosques, townhouses, duplexes, apartment complexes, and even bridges. The 23 Bees Birdhouse kit creates a bird watching paradise right outside your door with their innovative and adorable housing complexes.

Birdhouse kits are not only varied in design but also in the materials that they are constructed from. This is for a multitude of reasons. First is economics. For kit manufacturers, some materials are more readily available than others. This taken into consideration, along with the prices of such materials, constitutes the economics angle. Yet there are also aesthetics and weather conditions to consider.

Let’s look at the latter. In many parts of the world, wind and rain may be much greater than the average wooden birdhouse can sustain (for it to last for any period of time, that is). For a solution to this, there is metal, which is of an extremely durable nature and should survive not only years but decades.

As well, beauty is always a consideration. Everyone’s aesthetic preferences are different. For instance, some people might want a small house to match their own (this includes not only color and material but even the use of outdoor siding in some interesting cases).

Whatever a person’s location, tastes, and preferences, or environmental needs, there is certainly a kit to be found that will allow for the production of a fine, admirable birdhouse.

Final Notes:

• Decide on the placement and its accessories.

• As a general rule in planning, never skimp on quality as they can always show in time.

• There are kits tailored specifically tailored for single birds as well as grouped ones.

• They are either primer painted or rough.  Birds prefer natural colors; you can either paint them with brown, white or green. You need a latex type of paint for it can be easier to wash and maintain.






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